The purpose of AquaGlobe

AquaGlobe creates value for companies, customers and the community by acting as a hub for innovation and communication of knowledge about water and water technology.

AquaGlobe is a center for co-operation, a national growth engine and an international window for sales and recruitment.

Center for cooperation
AquaGlobe unites researchers, manufacturers, regulators, and utility companies, and provides them with an opportunity to co-operate on development, testing and demonstration of new concepts.

National growth engine
The Danish region of Central Jutland is a center of excellence within the Danish water industry, and it is located close to several research institutes. AquaGlobe combines industry competencies with world-leading research to support our partners in their efforts to be both a national and international growth engine within the water industry.

International window and recruitment
AquaGlobe is an exhibition and visit center where our manufacturing partners can bring their customers to experience the latest technologies in action. Furthermore, the center will communicate knowledge about and experiences with water and climate for the future employees in the water technology industry.

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