What is AquaGlobe?

AquaGlobe – Water Solution Center – connects the most innovative and ambitious actors in the water sector to provide solutions delivering access to clean water and sanitation for all. Together we develope and test new, innovative and sustainable water technology directly in the functioning supply net of Skanderborg Utility and we measure its performance in real time. We contribute to exports, ensuring jobs and solving the global water crisis.

AquaGlobe aims to provide the best possible opportunities to gather and use solutions, competencies, and knowledge to further develop leading Danish water technology. AquaGlobe offers facilities to test, demonstrate and showcase Danish water technology solutions. Our water school, water academy, and Innovation Camp are created to attract talent to the water sector, and our visitor centre is designed to bring together in-depth product knowledge, operational know-how, and digital illustrations to explore how Danish water technology solutions are elevated when combined in holistic solutions.

Use AqueGlobe

AquaGlobe supports value-creating partnerships and illustrates how water is a vital resource in our daily lives – thus contributing to fulfil the Water Vision 2015, which is the Danish water industry vision for the period 2015-2025.

AquaGlobe offers local solutions to global challenges. We are located in scenic surroundings in Skanderborg at the headquarter of the water utility company, Skanderborg Forsyning, but our reach is global. We draw on the competencies and experiences of world-leading water companies and our ambition is to contribute to solving some of the major, global water challenges.