AquaGlobe brings the world together around water

Skanderborg was the center for water and water technology when AquaGlobe together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DAKOFA and Danish Water Technology Group pointed the spotlight at water technology on the global stage. It happened Wednesday when Skanderborg was host to 29 trade advisors from as many embassies to learn about state-of-the-art Danish water solutions – and meet the companies ready to deliver them.

Some of the countries present was USA, Indonesia, Spain, Bangladesh, Poland, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, India, Tyrkey, Germany, Thailand, China, Croatia, Canada, Sweden, South Africa, Brazil and Kenya.

It is important that AquaGlobe as a centre for the water sector is close to the industry. AquaGlobe provides a fantastic opportunity to our trade advisors to be updated on recent innovation in Danish water technology. We will be working much closer in the years to come”, says Peter Mygind Rasmussen, Global Industry Team manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Peter Mygind Rasmussen, Global Industry Team manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo: Per Bille

The trade advisors learned about Skanderborg Utility’s work with smart water management, innovative waste water treatment and climate adaptation. And they got a solid view into how they can use AquaGlobe in their own work bringing Danish companies and their solutions into the world.

The need for water technology is rising

According to the UN half of the world’s population will experience lack of access to clean water by 2030 and 80 % of the global waste water is directed untreated into the natural environment. Those are the kind of problems water technology demonstrated in Skanderborg can help solve – and that was why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose to come to Skanderborg to learn about state-of-the-art water technology and AquaGlobe.

We want to help Danish companies export their solutions – to markets near or far. That is why we are happy that we together can gather so many companies with ambitions for export – and match them withsector colleagues trade advisors from their choice of strategic markets. We see a big potential in AquaGlobe in terms of gathering and demonstrating know-how and thus strengthening export of Danish water technology and jobs”, says Morten Lauridsen, Danish Water Technology Group.

Photo: Per Bille

Some of the participating companies were Grundfos, Novozymes, Frontmatec, Stjernholm a/s, Eltronic, Aquaporin, Envotherm, Waturu, AquaDania and Enwac. Because great challenges on water in the world means big markets and investments in water technology. The goal of the day was to make trade advisors confident in Danish water technology, to help companies decide on markets for export and to bring together trade advisors and companies for a talk face-to-face.


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