Impact Journalism Day

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In the occasion of Impact Journalism Day we present our local solutions that can help solve water related challenges world wide while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Intelligent water management in the water supply

Mining consumer data to optimise the pump operation. Previously the volume of water collected and treated was based on the number of consumers and on an annual estimate for consumption...

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Safe Bathing Water

Ensuring clean water for swimming through monitoring, treatment and alerting with respect to water treatment overflow...

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From Black Lake to Swan Lake

The transformation of Black Lake into Swan Lake began in 2009 when the lake bed was dredged by a huge floating vacuum cleaner using rotating knives and pumps...

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Handling a sudden triple in waste water

By using data to control the inflow of waste water Skanderborg Utility train bacteria to be more effective when the city population triples as people arrive for Skanderborg Festival...

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Rainwater basins become recreational spaces

Låsby Sea Park is a climate adaption project combined with significant citizen involvement to meet rainwater management and recreational needs...

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The road that collects and stores rainwater

In the town of Galten, Skanderborg Municipality has designed a permeable road, PermaVej®, that permits rainwater to pass through the asphalt and transports it to the nearby park.

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