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AquaGlobe welcomes visitors of all ages to learn about the water cycle, climate protection and much more through fun and engaging activities.

Export and sales

AquaGlobe’s partners are at the forefront of developing innovative technologies to meet the global water challenges. Therefore, we have developed a sales and export framework to advance the commercialisation and export of the partners’ solutions and technologies.

The framework provides our partners with opportunities to show and demonstrate their solutions, thus supporting their sales efforts globally.

Water Visits
Water Visits are a unique opportunity for our partners to invite potential customers and international guests to AquaGlobe’s world water innovation lab to demonstrate technologies and solutions in a realistic setting.

We offer to combine your demonstrations with in-house presentations based on actual solution experience. The distinctive and near to nature architecture and our superior test facilities, make AquaGlobe a prime venue for your presentations and sales efforts.

Placed centrally in AquaGlobe, our showrooms provide an impressive setting in which to exhibit your newest solutions, concepts, and digital illustrations. We offer both inside and outside showrooms and all partners can set up models and prototypes to display their competencies.

System Solutions
Creating solutions is of highly importance more than selling products. Therefore AquaGlobe emphasizes the actual solution as a selling point.

Testing and prototyping

AquaGlobe is a world water innovation lab and provides highly professional facilities for product testing. Our overall objective is to advance the development of top-level technology and solutions within water distribution systems, water board applications and wastewater treatment products and initiatives.

Test facilities
Our AquaGlobe partners are encouraged to use our utility infrastructure as a “laboratory” for research and full-scale testing as part of their product development process. Whether you are planning a full-scale prototype test, or perhaps seeking to correlate development data with thoroughly tested real life experiences, AquaGlobe can tailor solutions to suit your development and testing needs.

Innovative projects
AquaGlobe offers a universe for showcasing your ideas and bringing them to life by being a part of numerous innovative projects.

Recruitment and education

To awaken and increase the interest in science and engineering among the youth, AquaGlobe works in close co-operation with schools, educational institutions, and organisations to illustrate the objectives and opportunities within the water industry.

Water School
The Water School addresses school children and adolescents. The objective is to introduce them to the water cycle, explain how different players in the water industry contribute to meeting the water challenges, and why the right initiatives are so important to our society and environment now and in the future.

The Water School concept combines thorough and relevant teaching resources with interactive learning. The Water School’s on- and offline materials are integrated in the schools’ teaching resources and learning goals to make it as relevant and applicable as possible. Beside teaching materials, AquaGlobe’s Water School offers inspiring facilities in which the school children and adolescence can experience the water challenges and interact with the technology.

Through the Water School, AquaGlobe hope to contribute to a strong future workforce within the water industry.

Water Academy
AquaGlobe’s Water Academy offers a professional setting for specialised and practical courses for our partners and their customers. We plan, host, and give lectures to further educate and train your employees and customers in areas such as water operations, waste water management, or climate projects. We offer both inspirational presentations as well as hands-on training.

Water Academy is a highly professional, interactive, innovative and educational forum set in a beautiful, recreational scenery close to lakes and woods.

Play to Learn

AquaGlobe believes in a Play to Learn methodology that engage and stimulates the visitors and bring their senses into play. Therefore, AquaGlobe welcomes residents, day care centres, schools, associational life and tourists to come and experience the facilities and explore the many innovative water technologies developed by our partners in interactive sceneries.

Discover experimental and educational hotspots, both within AquaGlobe itself and at the nearby lakes and woods. The hotspots are small learning labs that engage the visitors and use e.g. digital or interactive communication to stimulate sensory perceptions and convey water issues or demonstrate water technology.

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