Active and innovative partnerships with water industry participants are a key aspect of AquaGlobe. Together we develop and test new technologies and solutions.

Partners will, among other things, be able to use AquaGlobe for product demonstrations, teaching of own employees and customers as well as branding in connection with customer visits.

Would you like to join?
We hope to expand the circle of AquaGlobe partners with both small and large players from the water industry and the education community.

As an AquaGlobe partner you will gain access to:

  • Global export alliances through integrated system solutions with other manufacturers.
  • On-site test facilities for new technology in e.g. water distribution systems, in waterworks, and in wastewater treatment.
  • Water Visits for sales demonstrations of new technology and solutions for international customers and guests.
  • A showroom that provides an impressive setting in which to exhibit your newest solutions and digital illustrations.
  • Water Academy, which offers specialized and practical courses to further educate and train your employees and customers.
  • Strengthened recruitment of qualified employees through co-operations with vocational educations institutions, university colleges, universities, and research institutions.
  • Innovation best practices through our innovation platform and events.
  • International exposure due to a wide network of innovative AquaGlobe partners.
  • A branding opportunity with the local community through our Water School, where students at local schools visit AquaGlobe to learn about water.

Please contact us to hear more about your opportunities.