Projects in Skanderborg Municipality

Click here or the map below to discover all the major projects in Skandeborg Municipality. With our partners Skanderborg Utility has carried out projects that create recreational areas and innovative solutions that improve the environment and the everyday life of the citizens.

Projects in Central Denmark Region

You can read more about the subprojects, see where they are located in the country and learn more about the key elements of the projects.

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Projects in AquaGlobe

The overperforming purification plant and the music festival 

By continuously increasing the wastewater strain, the turnover rate is doubled during the Danish music festival, Smukfest. Read more.

Biostimulation strategies

Research project investigates strategies to enhance manganese removal and to shorten the start-up period in drinking water biofilters. Read more.

Climate adaptation projects

We create climate adaptation projects that create space for recreation which add value to the residents. Read more.

Safe Lake Bathing

Ensuring excellent bathing water quality by means of surveillance, purification and warnings. Read more.

From Black Lake to Swan Lake

Back in 2009, the transformation of Sorte Sø (Black lake) to Svanesø (Swan lake) began, when the lakebed was cleansed. Read more.

Pump machine learning

Data based pump operations and maintenance. The pumps in our pumping stations go through a lot when they pump wastewater. Read more.

CHAIN - Software robot

CHAIN is destined to contribute to an automatic control of the entire water supply chain ensuring improved water quality and increased energy efficiency. Read more.