SUEZ Water A/S partners with AquaGlobe

With the partnership AquaGlobe – Water Solution Center – strengthens its international presence and innovation on waste water treatment and SUEZ Water A/S gains access to demonstrations of the newest waste water treatment technology in the operational supply net of Skanderborg Utility – thereby benefitting its Scandinavian customers.

A significant contribution to the UN SDGs

The Partnership AquasGlobe has large international companies as it is with Grundfos, Powel, Kamstrup and AVK to name a few. That means a global presence, on-the-edge competences and know-how on water supply, waste water treatment and climate adaptation.

“As a growing partnership we consider it a pad on the back to sign a partnership agreement with SUEZ Water A/S. As a global player with enormous innovation capacity and 160 years of experience, SUEZ has a lot to contribute with on the road to fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We look forward to further realizing that potential”, says Jens F. Bastrup, CEO at Skanderborg Utility and AquaGlobe.

Innovation across the sector

SUEZ Water A/S also sees an advantage in the partnership concerning the development of new innovative solutions, by innovating across the sector.

“We are partnering with AquaGlobe because we believe in the power of cooperation between major water players in the region and in the creation of an innovation center for technology demonstration and knowledge sharing while focusing on sustainable development principles and delivering solutions on the highest level”, says Per Krøyer Kristensen, CEO of SUEZ Water A/S.

Innovation and demonstration is value for customers

Networking and cooperation with other AquaGlobe members will definitely strengthen strategic partnerships enabling and ensuring development of efficient solutions.

Not only will the partnership with AquaGlobe benefit SUEZ Water A/S, it will enable customers and future prospects to better understand new solutions and their importance for environmental protection.


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