Experience AquaGlobe

As a water solution center center you will be able to experience  the water cycle, climate protection, real life water solutions and much more.

AquaGlobe offers a large variety of possibilites for you to see and experience. You will get the opportunity to gain an insight into how we deal with water in numerous ways. Gain insight into e.g:

  • The Water Cycle
  • Climate Protection and Adaptation
  • Real Life Water Solutions

Demo Site

Demo Site increases the visibility of brands, products and water tech solutions.
At AquaGlobe – Water Solution Center, we establish a demonstration site
directly in Skanderborg Forsyning’s production environment and provide
competence visibility to your existing and potential customers. Read more about Demo Site here.

Test & Prototyping

Test & Prototyping provides an opportunity to carry out prototype tests
in a full-scale environment. At AquaGlobe – Water Solution Center,
we offer up Skanderborg Forsyning’s plant for prototype testing.
Our experienced specialists help monitor tests and evaluate the results. Read more about Test & Prototyping here.

Water Visits

Water Visits enhance your sales process and customer relations.
At AquaGlobe – Water Solution Center, you get the opportunity
to invite your customers into our development and knowledge center,
in which we demonstrate your water technology solutions in practice. Read more about Water Visits here.